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We view design as a process of discovery where iteration is used to reveal, create and refine our thoughts and ideas.

A Process of Discovery

We like to think that we're more like guides on a journey rather than just designers, and together with our clients we discover the home they truly desire.  This is all derived out of our curiosity with people and how they experience space.   With all egos and preconceived notions checked at the door we open ourselves up to the unimaginable possibilities of a heuristic and iterative process.


Our main objective is to make this process as transparent, easy to follow and enjoyable as possible.  We've outlined below the typical format for our design process for a residential project.  Most importantly, trust the process and know that we're with you for every step.  

Our Process

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Programming & Predesign

In many ways good design can be determined by the amount of research undertaken at the beginning, as design is a tool best used when focused.  During this phase we ask lots of questions and have guided discussions on what it is that you're truly looking for in a home.  The results of these initial questions and discussion will form both the building program and overall design brief, which will serve as our framework for moving forward with our conceptual and schematic design.  We also conduct initial research on local codes, zoning, and study your site in terms of topography and potential building locations.   


-Initial site analysis & zoning analysis.

-Completed project design form & brief. 

-Established building program and other required design features. 

Schematic Design

During the schematic phase we take the information from the predesign phase and begin to generate design concepts, diagrams, sketches and models that .  The combination of these mediums allow us to begin our study of experience, how the homes flows, proportion, massing, natural lighting, sustainability strategies and views of the site.  Many options will be produced during this phase, and through our guided selection process, we will work towards selecting a final design option to move forward with more detailed drawings and initial construction pricing. 


-Conceptual diagrams, massing and form studies.

-Schematic drawings - site plan, floor plans, elevations.

-Conceptual renderings

Design Development

The schematic phase is one full of questions and discovery, which ultimately leads you to design development which is now more about making choices and selections.  During this phase we begin to hone in on the design concepts, materials and drawings that were selected from the schematic studies.  We will begin to layer on additional information and detail that allows for more clarity and proof of concept as we work towards a set of drawings for an initial cost analysis. 


-Drawing set for initial cost analysis by General Contractor.

-Interior elevations of cabinets & built-ins.

-3D Renderings and rendered exterior elevations.

Construction Documents

During this phase of the project we will produce the full construction set of drawings that will be used for both permitting and construction.  When this phase beings the majority of the design is complete, and now we begin to focus on creating specific details and information that will allow the project to be built.  Drawings from other engineers, consultants and interior designers are also coordinated with our drawings and incorporated into the final set of documents.


-Fully coordinated set of drawings for permitting and construction.

-Project specifications.

Construction Administration

During this phase of the project the drawings are complete, a building permit has been issued and construction has begun.  Our role during this phase is to help administer and oversee construction  to ensure that the design intent is being met and executed to our specified requirements.  


-Regularly scheduled site visits w/ observations reports.

-Responding and mediating issues in the field as they arise.

-Issuing drawings and revisions as needed to accommodate changes in the field.

Ready to start​ your project?

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