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An Entrepreneurial Design Studio based in Greenville, SC.

Our Mantra

Life's too short for molds. 

We strive to always be our true selves, and embrace the opportunity to be something different.  Patient and curious, we design for discovery, trust the process and value the voyage.

We are Creative Founder.

Risk Takers.  Place Makers.  Storytellers.

A name can say a lot, and ours is a combination of the beliefs we hold most true.  As creative's, we value the experience and process of design, and as founders we embrace the unknown and opportunities of entrepreneurship.  Our capabilities span across many different disciplines, which allows us to take a more holistic and thoughtful approach towards every project.


At the end of the day, what we crave most are challenges and opportunities that raise the bar for both ourselves and the community.  We look forward to what comes next!

Our Services

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We're Risk Takers.

We embrace risk and the unknown to elevate our design and further our integration with the community and built environment.

By leveraging our design process in the realm of entrepreneurship, we act as starters to our own endeavors through architect-led development.

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We're Place Makers.

As a full service architecture & design studio we seek opportunities to enhance our community and built environment through experienced based design.

Our primary focus is on custom home residential architecture and small commercial projects with a focus on community.

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We're Storytellers.

We believe that buildings are more than just static assemblies of "sticks and brick", and rather we view them as living and breathing brands that seek to engage and connect with our community. 


We use story as a means to communicate this experience of place, and further develop the connection between a brand and the built environment.

Hello I'm

Jared Moore

Founder + Architect

Jared is a design driven creator and entrepreneur.  He launched Creative Founder in late 2017 as a way to bridge the gap between his passion for architecture and real estate development.


Jared started his career in New Orleans, LA where he worked for the renowned Trahan Architects.  His time at Trahan provided experience on high profile design projects in locations as unique as their architecture.  In 2013, Jared returned to Greenville where he worked as an architect in the community studio at McMillan Pazdan Smith.  While at MPS he gained vital experience in planning, multifamily housing and light commercial. Most notably as one of the project architects on the redevelopment of the Aug Smith building in Spartanburg, SC.  Outside his role as an architect, his development experience has mostly focused on for sale residential and small commercial redevelopments. 

Jared is a licensed architect and graduate of Clemson University, where he received both his undergraduate and master’s degree in architecture.  He remains active in the school of architecture through teaching and reviews.  

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